11 May

Volume 1, Number 3, May 2017

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7 Sep

The police and the judiciary, on behalf of the evil and anti-poor ZANU-PF government are brutalising and persecuting the democracy fighters and the poor who are fighting for a better life and a an accountable way of government. The past two months have witnessed a growing number of protests by civic groups, trade unions and […]


Does the ‘minority’ critique of the CWI leadership position on the causes of the crisis get to the roots of its empiricist method?

26 Feb

Communist Workers Group (CWG-USA)

Does the ‘minority’ critique of the CWI leadership position on the causes of the crisis get to the roots of its empiricist method?

In the last issue of Class War (Vol 1 No 6) we continued with the wider discussion [see Class Warrior #5] of the Transitional Program and the transitional method and its foundation in dialectics. For us continuing Trotsky’s struggle to defend dialectics against empiricism is the key to rebuilding a new Trotskyist International based on the 1938 Transitional Program. To succeed we have to defeat all those fake Trotskyist currents that have liquidated the Trotskyist method, theory and program. Among the tendencies that we regard as having junked dialectics for empiricism is the CWI. We said: “The CWI lines up alongside all the degenerated Trotskyists who think they can bargain with the bosses to deliver what the workers need. Their whole history is one of covering for…

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Ukraine: Where does the Left Stand?

26 Feb

Tendance Coatesy

‘Right-Sector’ in Ukraine.

The conflict in Ukraine is too serious to make facile judgements.

Apart from condemning state and all brutality what can we offer?

The left in Europe cannot honestly say that they have an answer.

The ingrained tendency to play fantasy Premier league political  football in these conditions has so far not been much in evidence.

True the Nouveau Parti anticaptialiste has published an interview titled, describing the crisis as  “Une révolte de masse d’Ukrainiens pour la démocratie»

But the information in the NPA piece  belies the headline.

Zakhar Popovych represents a small group, Left Opposition. It has published a Manifesto,

“Our hope is that the protest movement, spurred to action by social injustice, might ultimately eradicate the root causes of this injustice. We believe that the cause of most social problems is the oligarchy that formed as a result of unbridled capitalism and corruption. It is…

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An old debate revisted – the CPGB’s political support to the RESPECT popular front

26 Feb


During a Facebook discussion on the recent Weekly Worker article concerning the suspension of Bruce Wallace from the CWI I criticised the CPGB for being “perfectly happy to politically support, and participate in, popular front type organisations.”

A couple of their supporters drew umbrage at this claim.

“As you know, we participate in popular front type organisations (e.g. Respect) to the extent the left foolishly sets them up – we aren’t afraid of staining our revolutionary purity.

“But we do not advocate popular fronts or set them up ourselves, nor do we “support them politically” – on the contrary. We get involved to oppose their politics from the getgo and argue for what is really necessary: a communist party united around a Marxist programme.”

In response I pointed out that the CPGB has called for a vote to RESPECT which is usually understood by Marxists to represent some form of…

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For the Bosnian Revolution

26 Feb

Communist Workers Group (CWG-USA)

For the Bosnian Revolution!


Bosnia is a creation of the Imperialists and that is why the multi-ethnic workers now rise up against nationalism and imperialism!

The LCC (Liaison Committee of Communists) is encouraged by and enthusiastically greets the rise of a multi-ethnic class struggle in Bosnia that seeks to undo the capitalist restoration which has turned the Balkans into semi-colonies of imperialism, brought unemployment and economic insecurity unheard of in Yugoslavia and divided a once united working class along ethnic and religious lines.  In Tuzla, other cities and even in some Serbian cities, workers are calling for a return to workers’ ownership, and for workers’ control and self-management.  We disagree with those who see this rise of class struggle as any kind of resultant extension of the U.S.-sponsored Bosnian war against the then workers state of Yugoslavia.  This uprising is where the thing (the counter-revolution) begins turning into its…

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Right-Wing Forces Take Power in the Ukraine: Mobilize the Working Class against the New Government!

26 Feb

Communist Workers Group (CWG-USA)

LCC endorses and reposts the following statement of the RCIT

Joint Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) and the Movement to Socialism (MAS, Russia), 25.2.2014, and

1.            A coalition of pro-EU right-wing and fascist parties has overthrown the government of President Viktor Yanukovych. This represents a clear victory for EU imperialism and a setback for Russian imperialism which traditionally has massive influence in the Ukraine. In addition, this right-wing victory goes hand-in-hand with a substantial strengthening of fascist forces like the Svoboda party of Oleg Tyagnibok, the “Pravy Sektor,” (Right Sector) and others.

2.            The right-wing forces and fascists have already started by banning the Communist Party (KPU) in a number of regions. (See MAS: No to the Terror of the Bandera-Fascists! Stop the Repression against the Communists of Ukraine!, 22.2.2014, On February 23, the parliament abolished the “Law on Regional Languages”…

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